Everything you need to start your UNIVERGE BLUE outreach and effectively market cloud services to your customers and prospects.


We have created a series of “Campaigns-In-A-Box” to help Channel Partners spread brand awareness and easily market for UNIVERGE BLUE. Each campaign consists of an email series in plain text, the associated marketing PDF assets, and an instructional guide with key messages and features, campaign overview, asset library, imagery and more.

Unified Communications
Campaigns (UCaaS)

Move Up to The Cloud

Engage with your customers who still have on-premises phone systems and provide them with compelling reasons to move to the cloud. In doing so, you can increase your monthly revenue by up to 15x while creating new relationships with your customers, protecting them from competitors, and providing them with a modern cloud communications solution.


Hybrid Working

Educate your audience on the benefits of adapting to a “Hybrid work model” while attracting new prospects for CONNECT as well as re-engage and upsell existing customers who may not yet have licensed CONNECT from you.


Remote Working

Educate customers and prospects on how they can help remote workers be more productive and efficient using video conferencing and cloud unified communications solutions. Ready to be easily customized and branded, this marketing campaign is geared toward emailing known prospects and nurturing them down funnel to conversion.



Customers no longer have to choose between the flexibility of cloud communications or their current phone system. CONNECT BRIDGE allows customers to keep use current NEC phone system and add on UCaaS features that enable hybrid working such as video, chat, file sharing/backup and more.


Contact Center
Campaigns (CCaaS)

Hybrid Working

Roll out this campaign to help decision makers realize that they have versatile, reliable, and affordable cloud Contact Center solutions available to them that allow their organizations to not only survive but thrive in this “new normal” where so many people are working from home.


Healthcare Contact Center

Educate your healthcare customers and prospects on how a cloud contact center can enable employees to efficiently and cohesively work remotely while allowing patients greater flexibility to reach your facility via phone, SMS, web-chat, and other channels.


Government Contact Center

Inform your customers in the government industry that a cloud-based contact center can help provide better quality services to the public, improve the constituent experience and employee efficiency, all while reducing costs.


Back Up and Disaster Recovery
Campaigns (BAAS & DRAAS)


Educate customers, prospects, and IT decision makers that the cloud can be leveraged to enable their organization, no matter the size, to experience fully equipped disaster recovery solutions for a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premises backup and recovery solutions.


Email Campaign Best Practices

Steps to running UNIVERGE BLUE Campaigns

  1. Apply your logo, company name, contact information, and website URL to the emails and content assets within
  2. Host the assets on your website or send them as email attachments
  3. Use an automated system or regular email to trigger and execute the emails
  4. Track your engagement and follow up with customers who download assets
  5. Use the assets in your conversations with your customers

Download Guide on the Best Marketing Automation Tools

When to send emails

Emails sent on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6am, 10am, 2pm, or 8pm typically have the highest open rates.

  • Our recommendation is Tuesday at 10am or 2pm

What to look for with open rates:

20% open rate is considered industry standard – don’t worry if your emails don’t get 20% open at first, test different times and/or days

How often to send:

Try to send emails on a consistent cadence

  • Our recommendation is one email each week

Always rinse and repeat your campaign

Identify the people who didn’t open your emails in the first campaign and schedule them for round two in weeks 4, 5, and 6.

  • Try a different day or time & try adjusting the subject line

Use segmented lists and be sure to review the data for accuracy before sending

  • Start out with a smaller list (under 400 contacts), this makes engagement-tracking easier and follow-up more manageable
  • Review the data in your target list before launching campaign. Confirm the contact’s First/Last Name matches the Email Address and that the Company Name matches Email Domain (contactemail@emaildomain.com)

Target Audience

Companies matching one or more of the following criteria could be a good candidate for UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES

  • Looking for an easy to use cloud-based phone system, contact center, or backup services
  • Current phone system is on-premises (especially if current system is nearing end of life)
  • Has multiple offices in different locations and remote workers
  • Using different cloud vendors for multiple services: messaging, video collaboration, file sharing, webinars, contact center, etc
  • Needs advanced applications to work more efficiently from anywhere, at any time


  • Primary: IT managers
  • Secondary: Operations and finance managers

Pain points

  • Frustrated with how cumbersome their current solution is - takes up a lot of IT’s time & resources
  • Hard to manage their growing workforce
  • Budget & financial constraints - forced to do a lot with a little
  • Use of free applications create siloed teams & cause security concerns
  • Current solution(s) are hurting productivity

Web page Content for Channel Partners

To give your website visitors more details about UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES, simply use this web page content on your website. It presents a compelling case for businesses to switch to cloud. Each web page content file contains text for each service in Word along with images/graphics/logos for your use on your web site.

NEC’s Channel Partner Portal

While this kit contains most everything to get you started in marketing for UNIVERGE BLUE, we have a variety of other documentation available in NEC Anytime, NEC’s Channel Partner Portal. Read this step-by-step guide on how to navigate through the NEC Anytime portal to find more UNIVERGE BLUE sales and marketing material.

How to use NEC Anytime



Please click on the “REQUEST NOW” button and fill out the form to submit your request for co-branded collateral. Be sure to check the box for “I would like to request Co-branded Sales Collateral” and follow the instructions. NEC’s Marketing team will have the document co-branded and sent to you directly.

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