Market Development Funds & Onboarding

The goal of this section is to provide you with an overview of the UNIVERGE BLUE Channel Partner Program as well as the Market Development Funds Program (MDF). Whether you are a long-standing NEC Channel Partner or brand-new to NEC, this section has valuable information that will get you up to speed on UNIVERGE BLUE processes and programs.

NEC’s Market Development Funds Program

NEC offers funds for authorized distributors, solutions integrators, and resellers. These funds enable NEC channel partners to achieve specific marketing and business development goals related to selling NEC solutions through various marketing activities listed within these guidelines. Click on the MDF Guide button for more information.


Channel Partner Onboarding

Channel Partner Onboarding FAQ

An overview of various online UNIVERGE BLUE portals to assist Channel Partners with every aspect of service delivery from sales, support, education, marketing assistance, ordering service, and billing.


UNIVERGE BLUE Channel Partner Guide

The Channel Partner guide includes solution overviews, product descriptions, and a detailed overview of each UNIVERGE BLUE Channel Partner model.



A sample proposal to send to interested prospects that includes a “thank you for your consideration” note and brief UNIVERGE BLUE solution overviews.


UNIVERGE BLUE Channel Partner Programs

An overview of the following UNIVERGE BLUE Channel Partner Programs for Success:
1. Velocity with UNIVERGE BLUE Partner Program (Tier-based Commissions & SPIFFs incentive program)
2. FREE Demo System Program or NFR System Program (including request form and order process)
3. Free Trial Program for Large Opportunities


UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT: Quoting Process Guide

An overview and process guide for creating a complete UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT QUOTE within the UNIVERGE BLUE Partner Portal. Includes details of prequalification tools.


UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT: Post-Sale Process Guide

An overview of the post-sale process for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT. Includes process for Creating the Customer Account, Activating the Account, Completing the Provisioning Wizard/ Placing Orders, Recommendations and Best Practices for Deployments, Working with Provisioning Team, and Recommended End-User Training Resources.


UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT: Commissions Process

An overview of the Commissions Process for Agency and Revenue Share Partners. Includes overview of how & when Commissions and SPIFFS are calculated, timing of Commissions & SPIFFs payments, and how to run and view your Commissions Reports.


More Materials

To explore more Channel Partner Resources, select a product category then select the “Dealer Material” document type